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New book on soldering technology at Elsevier - our colleagues book is out!
1st edition of "Reflow Soldering - Apparatus and Heat Transfer Processes"

We are proud to announce that a new book entitled "Reflow Soldering - Apparatus and Heat Transfer Processes" has been published by Elsevier on the 2nd of July, 2020 by authors Balázs Illés, Olivér Krammer and Attila Géczy. On 294 pages, the book investigates modern technology of reflow soldering, soldering ovens and modeling of heat transfer processes. The target readership are researchers, process and quality engineers within the electronics and manufacturing industries who all can benefit from the thorough theoretical and practical information about the topics.

After the introduction to surface mount technology, the book provides a detailed description and exploration of reflow ovens. The discussion of the physical background, their structure and working principles are followed by characterization of the heating, flow and vapor parameters. Chapters conclude with a review of the application of the techniques and typical solder failures. Case studies help to find solutions for everyday manufacturing problems.

Beside the analysis and comparison of infrared ovens, convection ovens, Vapor Phase Soldering (VPS) machines, the authors describe special reflow ovens like forming gas ovens and formic acid ovens, which provide flux-less soldering technology. An important part of the book is a discussion of numerical modeling and simulations on the thermal-, vapor-, and the gas spaces of the different ovens. This can help in the design of new ovens, as well as in the setting of the flow- or heating parameters of existing ones.

We congratulate our colleagues for this high level compehensive writing!



Balázs Illés stated:

"The Senior Acquisitions Editor of the Energy division of Elsevier has contacted me to request writing a book about the topic of electronics technology. After discussions with my colleagues, Olivér Krammer and Attila Géczy, we have agreed and changed the concept of writing a book on soldering failures - as many good ones are available - to write a book focusing on soldering apparatus and processes instead.

So we have proposed a project to write a book about soldering ovens  and processes, which was reviewed by 6 professionals. We received very promising reviews, and after a half year contract period, we have started the writing in January, 2019. The real work took about a year. From the beginning of 2020, only the copy-editing  pre-press preparation remained, and finally, the book was published officially on the website of Elsevier and the main international webshops (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)."

The new book is worth using both by readers working in the industry and at academia as well, as it helps to reveal and describe the on-going processes in ovens and can be used as a basis or facilitate academic research"

The book is available HERE.


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